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2013 Workers Compensation Conference

  1. 2013 Workers Compensation Conference
    Event on 2013-10-17 07:30:00
    2013 Worker's Compensation Conference
    Sheraton Milwaukee Brookfield Hotel

    The 13th AnnualWorker's Compensation Conference promises to be the best ever! Receive real-world, proven ideas, strategies, and techniques that you can put into practice right now. We'll guide you through Wisconsin's unique Worker's Compensation laws and examine important court cases and decisions that may affect your organization.Spend just one day with us and you will learn:

    • Recent Advances in Spine Surgery
    • Return to Work – Just the Facts!
    • Worker's Compensation Case Law Update
    • Lower Extremity Injuries
    • Growing Problem of Drugs in the Workplace
    • Upper Extremity Injuries

    Don't Miss OurWorker's Compensation Panel Discussion - Take a look at how a typical claim plays out from initial injury to claim closure. Explore key legal issues, insurance questions, medical issues and much more. (This extremely successful segment has been replicated by other conferences – but cannot be duplicated!)Speaker Line-Up:

    • Stephen Robbins, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
    • Steven Grindel, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
    • Randal Wojciehoski, DO, DPM
    • James Langenkamp, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
    • Melissa Samuels, OTR
    • Kristin Degeneffe, Attorney
    • Mark Shore, ALJ
    • Tom Niemiec, Attorney

    Continuing Education Credits Expected:

    • 6.75 CCMC
    • 6.75 CRCC
    • 6.75 CMS
    • 7.75 CLE

    Cost to Attend:

    Attend for only per person ( forgroups of 5 or more). This includes a continental breakfast, 2 refreshment breaks, buffet luncheon and conference materials.

    IMPORTANT: Online registrationis NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND; however, you may send someone else in your place.To receive a refund (if notification is received prior to October 10, 2013)mail your check in the amount of (payable to Medical Systems, Inc.) to: 7111 W Edgerton Ave, Greenfield WI 53220-4481.
    For more information please visit our website athttp://www.medicalsystemsusa.com/seminars-events/or contact theEvent Coordinator at Debbie@MedicalSystemsUSA.com

    The Wisconsin Worker's Compensation Conference has earned a solid reputation for excellence in education for the last 13 years!

    at Medical Systems, Inc.
    375 N Moorland Rd
    Brookfield, United States

  2. Gold Coast WTF SPEED Manifesting Weekend
    Event on 2013-08-23 19:00:00

    SPEED Manifesting(TM): WTF Weekend Event

    WTF Seminar

    Wealth, Truth, Freedom
    Weekend Breakthrough

    Gold Coast, Australia 23-25th August 2013

    Imagine the breakthroughs as you attend this advanced weekend seminar

    Friday night, All day Saturday & Sunday.

    This seminar is about manifesting powerfully once you learn the Truth about the World. Make no mistake about that.

    It includes information and processes to open your eyes and clear your blocks around manifesting in powerful and fast ways. You will have walk-away knowledge and breakthroughs to begin creating your life from Universal principles while understanding how your personal beliefs are used to suppress and restrict you.

    Once you learn HOW the World is designed against your creating, you will be taken through:

    How to heal your personal relationship with money
    A visit to Your Money Tree (guided visualization and meditation)
    the 7 Steps in SPEED Manifesting and what usually stops you
    How to go with the Circulation (of Money) principle
    The Current Worldview and how your beliefs are used against you
    Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs with the Worldview
    How to use the New Earth Business model
    What is in your Money Chamber and How to Get in Control of your income, your spending and your advisors.
    How to Powerfully use your Daily Diary Actions
    How and when to let go
    How to create the Key to SPEED in Manifesting
    How to Network with Creators
    What to expect when you re-enter the same World with open eyes
    How to transform your family, your community and your business

    You will also find out how:

    • to look for wisdom, not authority
    • to imagine and attract money powerfully to handle the beliefs that LIE
    • increasing your network of abundantly-minded people also increases your experience of income and money

    If the cost for this was equal to your weekly salary, would it beworth it to you to be set free?

    Full Weekend Seminar


    VIP Option Ticket


    Register your place now by choosing to place a 0 deposit on your seat.

    VIP ticket includes:

    • Sunday night networking and brainstorming cocktail party
    • 60 minute personal blocks session with Lori
    • SPEED Manifesting(TM) 90 day diary planner


    DATES: 23-25th August 2013, Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday

    Friday night:

    6:00pm-6:30pm Weekend Arrivals and Seminar Check-In

    6:30-6:45pm Seating and Greeting

    7:00pm Seminar begins"The Method – SPEED Manifesting(TM)"

    8:30pm Evening Session complete
    6am (optional) Sunrise viewing followed by optional breakfast.


    8:30am Arrival coffee/tea

    9:00amSession 1 start "What's Missing"

    10:45am Morning Tea

    11:15am Remainder Session 1 completion

    12:30 Break for Lunch
    1:30pmSession 2 start"The Worldview"

    3pm Afternoon Tea Break

    3:30pm Remainder Session 2 completion

    5:30pm Finish

    Sunday:6am (optional) Sunrise viewing followed by optional group breakfast.


    8:30am Arrival coffee/tea

    9:00amSession 3 start "Beliefs"

    10:45am Morning Tea

    11:15am Remainder Session 3 completion

    12:30 Break for Lunch
    1:30pmSession 4 start "Into Possibilities"

    3pm Afternoon Tea Break

    3:30pm Remainder Session 4 completion

    5:30pm Finish

    VIP Only – Sunday evening

    6:30pm – 8:30pm VIP Celebration, Networking and Communication Session

    Presented by Lori Mitchell, author and creator of SPEED Manifesting Method.

    She thought she knew how to make life work, successful with a great career, a supportive husband and loving family. When everything stopped working and her finances, health and family life went backwards for years she realised that some important wisdom was missing from the mainstream success strategies she tried. Finally after searching for answers for years, she came across the keys to how life works, and applied them successfully to turn her life around in a short time. Then she found a further way to SPEED the results, and began to teach this method to others. As clients and students began to learn and apply this method they also began to consistently duplicate their results, and you can too.

    On this comprehensive weekend you will:

    • Find the critical difference between your beliefs and the Universal Laws so you know when to change and when to go with the flow of life.
    • Learn the four areas of balanced wealth so you can immediately begin to work in your weak areas and create a profound, life changing differencequickly.
    • Learn how to tell the one obvious but not commonly known result of being unbalanced in wealth.
    • Learn how to duplicate your success while mastering 7 simple steps until it becomes automatic.
    • Learn the one action you must take to activate your desires that will make all the difference.
    • Find out what daily exercise will make the difference between manifesting and SPEED Manifesting.
    • Learn a simple but powerful way of creating your Dreamboard if you are extremely busy and find yourself waiting in lines. Learn to turn waiting time into powerful manifesting moments.
    • Understand the one and only ingredient to creating success in life that, if left out will cost you huge effort and create stop/start success, no matter how much you try without it.
    • Get an insight on human design so that you can work with a blueprint and clear up uncertainty.
    • Find once and for all, where it all starts and what single point to put almost all your efforts to create your life.
    • Explore another approach for the business world that is not competitive and still has winning as the goal in any business situation.
    • See how two words we use on a daily basis are used against us and learn how to use them powerfully.
    • Escape from self-victimization by following one instruction. This is so powerful it could instantly transform your life.
    • Find out why your affirmations are not working and learn how to shift them into overdrive to achieve your dreams.
    • Discover the one behaviour that most people don't take that will completely change your relationships and bring you a new level of love with your family, your friends and everyone you meet.
    • Learn how to teach your children that anything is possible while avoiding instant gratification.
    • Hear about 10 things that stop us from SPEED Manifesting and understand how to deal with each one.
    • Find out what to do when you begin to manifest so quickly while you still have old negative thinking.
    • No matter what, there is one thing that you cannot change. Find out about this so you can keep moving toward your goals even though nothing seems to be happening.
    • Learn the killer emotion that keeps you poor, sick and broke. Then find out what to do about it.

      What people are saying about Lori Mitchell and SPEED Manifesting:
      "I took everything you taught me and used it in my life, and now I am
      officially 100% happy with life, and I cant remember when it was otherwise,
      I have my DREAM job, working in a vintage store, and Im only 15!" Madison L.

      "Dear Lori thank so so much again for your talk on the weekend! I wrote out
      an affirmation for a specific amount of $ $ and by Friday (when I will be
      giving a massage) I will have the whole lot I asked for!!" Shanti

      "Thanks Lori I look forward to the next meeting things are certainly
      happening quickly for me..I am so happy you came into my life." SZ

      "Lori. Wonderful things have happened to me over the last few days and I am
      feeling excitement and energy and such a shift in my focus. This is the
      first time I have experienced being really "at peace" I am enjoying
      everything that comes my way and am amazed that I could possibly feel so
      good. The time you took to talk to me opened me up and things that I have
      "learned" I am now using subconsciously and effortlessly. I have had a
      dynamic adjustment and I am loving it. I feel comfortable mentioning this
      to you and that in itself is a tremendous difference too." A Dunn

      "Hi Lori, I had a great night at your introductory seminar and didn't really
      realise how much until about 24 hours later. I found myself asking "How can
      I……" for every little bop that I noticed. I got heaps of new business
      ideas and a lot has changed in my life just from that. "How can I…." could
      be one of my greatest tools this year. Thanks again for a wonderful night."
      J Murphy

      "Dear Lori, Thank you for last Wednesday's inspiring seminar. Many of us
      that were present had watched several times 'The Secret' and wanted to know
      more. You were there! Your words during the evening resonated and were
      stimulating to me. They responded to a necessity to be reminded in simple
      but powerful words that we can keep manifesting what we wish. Quick result
      of the seminar's manifestation. Within the 24 hours following your first
      seminar, new work came up for me filling my already busy diary – and I love
      it!" Feng Shui Yours, Roseline Deleu

    No Risk Money Back Guarantee:

    If you are not 100% happy with your purchase by the end of Friday night you can request your money back.

    at TBA

    Random Contributions involving Locksmith Eden Prairie MN -
    Locksmith Eden Prairie MN

    Gold Coast, Australia

  3. Los Angeles Vectorworks Core & Intermediate Concepts Training Courses
    Event on 2013-08-20 09:00:00


    Tuesday, August 20 Wednesday, August 21


    This is the best hands-on training option to learn how to utilize tools, menu commands, and drawing organization found in Vectorworks software. Core Concepts starts from the ground up, teaching you all of the necessary basics needed to become a Vectorworks pro. Make use of 2D and 3D modeling techniques from the start and learn the entry points and correct workflows to help master the Vectorworks platform.


    Drawing fast, keeping accurate, incorporating easy-to-use drawing structures, employing modern Vectorworks techniques and concepts.

    View the list of topics covered.


    Those considering classroom training must understand basic drafting concepts, such as plan and elevation projections, scale and actual size, and drawing units. Attendees must also be comfortable with operating either a Macintosh or Windows computer system, as well as understand basic mouse operations such as single click, double click, click and drag, scroll wheel, right click, and two click operations. Attendees would also need to know basic keyboarding, including use of the Spacebar, Tab, Control, Alt, Shift, Delete, Command (Mac), and Option (Mac) keys.


    Thursday, August 22 Friday, August 23


    Take your Vectorworks knowledge to the next level! The Intermediate Concepts course is the best hand-on training option to help you become proficient with information modeling and integrating 2D drafting skills with 3D modeling. Learn how to extract data from any object and list the information automatically in a worksheet. Improve your workflow and graphic output of your construction documents and presentation renderings. Also, learn more about layer and class organization, as well as advanced techniques with viewports and section viewports.


    To employ Vectorworks conventions and concepts to incorporate the next level of information modeling into each phase of your design workflow.

    View the list of topics covered.


    To qualify for Intermediate Concepts classroom training, candidates must have completed the Core Concepts class within the last two years or understand all of the following topics listed below. If you feel that you do not understand one or more of the topics, we strongly recommend that you take the Core Concepts training class first, as time will not be available to cover these Core Concepts in the Intermediate class.

    Attendees must know basic 2D and 3D drawing navigation (e.g., panning, standard views, 3D Flyover tool, and zooming in and out), selecting, moving and resizing objects, as well as standard tool behavior (e.g., single click, two click, three click, and continuous clicking tools). Additionally, this training requires understanding, creating, and editing surface objects, as well as editing container objects such as symbols, plug-in objects, and viewport annotations.

    Intermediate students must also be familiar with basic CAD layout methods such as layer scale, smart cursor cues, duplicate array, mirroring, offset and aligning objects, conventions of snaps, and X, Y and Z coordinates. Also required is a knowledge of drawing organization structures such as layers, classes, sheet layers and viewports, along with understanding the purpose of the following Vectorworks software palettes: Object Info palette, Basic palette, Attributes palette, Resource Browser, View bar, and the use of the heads-up display (i.e., floating data display bar).


    Mac machines preloaded with Vectorworks 2013 software will be provided for each classroom training attendee. Workshop participants who would like to work on their own machine are required to bring their own laptop or desktop computer with the software installed. The software may either be your own registered license, or you may obtain and install a functional 30-day evaluation copy prior to arriving for the course. We will not issue refunds due to malfunctions of software installed on personal laptops. The course instructor is not available or responsible to troubleshoot or service personal laptops, nor is the trainer responsible for technical problems experienced during the course due to personal computer hardware or software malfunctions. Detailed information on how to download the software will be emailed to you and can be found in your registration confirmation.


    Please purchase a day pass at the kiosk, which costs /day, with either cash or debit card. Also, please park on the top level of Parking Lot C.


    Donald Ward is a Vectorworks expert and lead trainer at Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. He has been with Nemetschek Vectorworks for seven years, initially as a senior technical support specialist working directly with Vectorworks customers. Since 2007, he has been conducting Vectorworks classroom and online training courses at all levels. He has also presented at numerous industry events including LDI and ASLA annual conventions. In addition, Don supports the companys U.S. sales and marketing initiatives by working with the user group community and by providing customized, on-site team training for Vectorworks clients.

    at California State University – Music Bldg, Rm MUS211
    5151 State University Drive
    Los Angeles, United States

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